Sunday Journey at Home

Home is where the heart is. Of course if you have more than one home, where is your heart really? Boston area so crowded, safe w family but oh so overbearing. Out West (Rockies-deserts not other Coast) life is slow, layed back, consistent weather, lots of physical and spiritual space, less pressure and more peace I think.


I love being at home on a sunny Sunday. I guess I’m getting comfortable. No need to travel all the time any more.  There are still many beautiful places I haven’t seen on earth, so sometimes is good. But need a bit of a break from non-stop flying. So this morning I took a quiet journey around the house. No security checks, no running to catch a connection, no sugary snacks on the plane – and no money needed. I started in South Africa.

They really know how to make African art. These birds almost made me miss my flight once. I saw them in the corner of my eye when I passed a little shop at the airport. They didn’t leave me alone so I had to go back for them. And then run for my plane. Just made it and have never regretted my sprinting record.

From South Africa I…

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