Camping Etiquette

Hey all you yahoos this article is just for you! You know who you are-the littering, noise, dogs, tree vandals, careless with fire and parking too close to others. Everybody wants the same thing presumably, a wonderful reunion with the outdoors, nature, be it tenting, a RV or just sleeping in your car/pickup. Trouble is it just seems so many think they’re entitled to be free to disturb others. A few years back near Buena Vista CO I came upon a fire ring filled with beer bottles & cans. Duh. Glass and aluminum don’t burn. Does a bear shit in the woods? Sure so do coyotes, dogs and people. Please bring a plastic bag from the grocery store and USE IT! At the next gas station you can put your trash into the pump island trashcan. Not so difficult. Leave no trace. Noise. At Cottonwood Cove at Lake Mohave NV after swimming I decided to use a near-empty campground to set up my tent; it was about 2pm and I needed a nap. Here come the LA set with their Spanish language, loud ethnic stereo and car spinners. I don’t care but could you hold it down? No, provocation for the gringo instead. Okay I packed it up, folded the tent and departed very LOUDLY blowing my horn up to ranger house, walked in and proclaimed “your culture needs an attitude adjustment”. Again in Western Colorado I found a campfire still smoking after I watched a station wagon arrive after dark the night before. I put it out of course and reported the incident just as I reported the kids shooting firecrackers in a dry national forest years ago. Campers love their campfires, but I seldom have one because it harms the environment and it is a serious responsibility. We’ve had way too many wildfires in Yellowstone, Glacier, Yosemite and other national treasures. Southern California and Colorado’s Front Range too!  Would somebody please stop cutting off live limbs from tree saplings, scarring the tree and littering the site? Green doesn’t burn in your campfire. I think dogs are wonderful companions, but make poor company as their owners do when on hiking trails. Alone in wilderness ok but in popular crowded places like New Hampshire’s White Mountains, or Mt. Chocorua the barking and loud talking/commands destroys the peace of birdwatching, also harasses other wildlife. I yelled out in Arizona’s Lost Dutchman SP “can the canine” after enduring nonstop unsupervised barking in the Superstition Mountains. Where is the courtesy folks? And don’t walk on others, there’s plenty of room for all of us. In campgrounds it’s pretty hard to separate from the motorcycles, ATVs, dogs, kids crying, drunks, and RV generator chatter but in open country like Muley Point overlooking Monument Valley why does this riff raff turn around in front of me, letting his two dogs walk through my site, then parks 500 yards out of sight, but within earshot beyond the rocks on the cliff? I left this gent a note next to a pile of slash someone left, telling this individual he compensates for his macho inferiority through his hostility toward me. I placed the pile of limbs in the small road so he could get my message. I’ve seen it all: toilet vandals, dog poop, visits by game wardens, the all night Seattle drunks destroying trees, the Class A motorhome I chased away from me in Montana, the yappy mutt in San Angelo SP Texas, the impudent dog owner unleashing his pet to scatter the shorebirds I was looking at in a Chatham MA mud flat; this is what I get out there. Happy camping!


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