Hall’s Creek Overlook

An old adage says when you get a lemon, make lemonade. I set out April 21 to find Angel Arch in Canyonlands, getting ten miles in on sandy Salt Creek wash, only to be blocked by impassible juniper trees, deadfall, thickets, giant boulders and steep talus slopes, all into a dead end box canyon-surrounded above by cliffs. Hmm. After a hot 5 hour hike I quit for a rock ledge with a cave as I felt nausea from the heat, fatigue. I clapped my hands, sending my echo to two inquisitive turkey vultures above me-go away and they did. After bedding down with a space blanket over my survival bivy I decided to abandon my quest, for returning to my truck at 3:30am. You cant win em all. I used a wrist compass/paracord bracelet and the Big Dipper, plus a silhouette landmark on canyon wall to get out, ducking & dodging more trees & boulders with a fresh flashlight. Like failed attempts on Everest or Apollo 13 astronauts, I told myself at 65 I didn’t get a broken leg, heart attack or stroke-Back in Mass 032 got back unscathed except my pride. Anyway later in my latest Utah adventures I spent three successful nights on the Big Thompson Mesa overlooking the Waterpocket Fold, of which Hall’s Creek is a part of-the southern end of Capitol Reef on the Burr Trail, not far from Lake Powell. Great views of this geology consisting of Summerville, Curtis, Navajo Sandstone, Chinle, Kayenta and Wingate formations. I had the Henry Mountains to my east, sharing the scene with black-throated sparrows, mockingbirds, blue gray gnatcatchers and a lovely Scott’s oriole! Once above the abyss Brimhall natural bridge is visible below (not shown). Watercolor


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