I’ve Flown Again!

Dallas, Bush Center 055 My latest news angle is the completion of my first flight in 14 years. I wanted to see the new Bush Center in Dallas with the Goya exhibit at nearby Meadows Museum-both on the SMU Campus. A lot of cynicism and anger, frustration prevails in our air transportation system; I wanted to go back to see for myself what it’s like to fly these days. I wisely took one carry-on only, a small knapsack from Boston Logan to the big D or Metroplex, DFW in North Texas. I thought the TSA screening went well, for security reasons I will not describe in detail. But I thought the authorities treated me with respect if neutral in their mission to look for trouble so we can fly safely! On American they did sell ear buds for a movie, the music channels; also the two shots of bourbon I had going out. Soft drinks, juice and water was provided free of charge. The take off was dramatic for me as the 757 lifted off the ground, roaring over East Boston. My four days in NW Dallas near my hotel room were highlighted by several taxi rides, my walk to a large pond of the Trinity River system bird watching, sampling the food and shopping at a western wear store off the LBJ freeway. The return 737 trip went well after the TSA screen, landing during a climatic golden sunset as darkness descended. My next plane hopefully will take me to Alaska in 2016. Now boarding!


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