Happy New Year. It’s winter and The Sound of Music once again was on TV this recent Christmas season. I thought the new version on NBC with Carrie Underwood was okay, but the 1965 original film still can’t be beat. I’m glad I got here on my 1986 ski trip; stood in front of the cathedral- noon bells tolling after alighting off the bus from Innsbruck that January day. Pictured: Dom Platz, University Church w/ blue dome, St. Francis steeple, green onion-domed St. Peter’s abbey/ catacombs, and above all the Festung Hohensalzburg 1096 AD castle with funicular incline uphill tracks. The nuns’ convent in the film located just left out of view here behind yellow cathedral. The great Mozart born here in 1756; the home/ museum displays the piano forte and magic flute, compositions. In 1991 a World Alpine Skiing Championships was held near here at Saalbach-Hinterglemm Austria; I attended the event for a 12 day return trip, flying out of Salzburg to Zurich, home to US. watercolor


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