Echo Park in Northwest Colorado’s Dinosaur Monument

Echo Park in Northwest Colorado's Dinosaur Monument

I finally scored a vision quest down some switchbacks into the canyons of the Green and Yampa rivers May 2013. Steamboat Rock elev. 5872 ft. Jenny Lind Rock to the right, likely named after one of Powell’s boats or sweetheart on his 1869 expedition. Pat’s Hole the immediate confluence area with Pool Creek tributary. Chew Ranch preserved nearby with old fencing, homesteads and Anasazi rock art. I saw a lot of birds/ wildlife including lazuli buntings, northern harrier, spotted towhee, black-throated gray and the yellow warblers, yellow-breasted chat, a kestrel high on a cliff above me, western wood peewees, Canada geese on the river, mule deer herd and several bighorn sheep. I found a lizard too! Several trails available for walking include the nearby Mitten Fault. Take the Yampa Bench 4×4 road east to Harding Hole gooseneck overlook and out to US 40 at Elk Springs 42 miles. See related post about Dinosaur below. Watercolor.


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