Tin Mountain in Death Valley

Tin Mountain in Death Valley

June 2008 Colorado to Utah, Nevada and California: Salina UT BLM sage lands, Great Basin NP at Baker Creek and two campgrounds within Death Valley-Mesquite Spring and Furnace Creek. Birds & animals seen include mtn. bluebirds, western kingbirds, a calliope hummingbird, western tanagers, two nighthawks, a kangeroo rat, coyote, pronghorn antelope, wild horses, lizards, a spotted towhee, yellow-headed blackbirds to name some. June 4, I had 106F at Badwater Basin at -282 feet below sea level, which I really found bearable actually. Notable phenomenon: the hot haze, alluvial fans, block mountains, dust devils, a windstorm, Milky Way, Zabriskie Pt. sunrise, Artist Palette/Drive, Dante’s View, 11,049′ high Telescope Peak, sand dunes, canyons, the white salt formations, wildflowers, Joshua trees and dramatic Towne Pass into the Owens Valley beneath the Eastern Sierras. I did not enter further into California, rather took hwy.168 over Gilbert Summit back into Nevada; Tonopah east to US 6, on back into Utah through Spanish Fork, Price Canyon, Vernal at US 40 to northern Colorado again. Great trip!


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