Chatham on the Outer Cape, Massachusetts

Chatham on the Outer Cape, Massachusetts

After the tenants leave, it’s family time! The Chatham experience includes Stage Harbor, Oyster Pond swimming, Mill Pond repose, Harding Beach and “the cut” near the lighthouse for sailing and kayaking. I like to paddle out at low tide near the North Monomoy flats, where I’ve seen oystercatchers, black-bellied plover, short-billed dowitchers, willet, semi-palmated plover and sandpipers, Hudsonian godwits and other shorebirds! Terns screech and dive. Look for seals. And yes the sharks have made headlines too! The winter storm Nemo opened a breach February 2013 on South Beach, bringing in a sand fan deposit with open surf from the ocean side. At Chatham Light you can see people, the Coast Guard station, sand dunes and the Outermost inlet near Morris Island and the Monomoy NWR visitor center. I’ve seen whale spouts distant! Chatham has great shopping, food and summer band concerts. Art galleries and a fine museum are recommended. A few years ago the kayak swamped, filling with water in the choppy, incoming tide and I was swimming; I didn’t have the jacket on so I towed the boat while doing a sidestroke to shore, where I simply drained the kayak and headed home. Luckily that time I didnt have the binoculars with me, or the saltwater will ruin ’em!

Photo: K.Daley August 2009


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