Meet Slim, the Spirit of 76

Meet Slim, the Spirit of 76

Harry “Bud” Hoisington or Colorado Slim has been a dear friend since 1984. He hails from Iowa farm country, loves entertaining and can fix ANYTHING. If there’s a garage sale, a car to look at, a door lock to install, grass to mow, a porch to repair, he’s there! Back in Olin Iowa he used to work in a movie theatre. During World War II, ineligible for the military, he performed in USO shows instead, playing the fiddle, guitar and accordian. He helped quell a prison riot with a country show for the inmates in the 1950s. He performed for WWI vets in a Clinton nursing home. In Colorado where we met, he runs his music car in the Granby Fourth of July parades. He belongs to the local Masonic fraternity. We once braved a heavy rainstorm to see the movie The Da Vinci Code with early Mason origins. He married a Russian woman so she could get her green card to work in the US, probably paying more than he bargained for. Under a car’s hood or crawling down into the Wildlife Area chemical dry toilet maintenance closet space, Slim knows how to solve a problem. He records and edits music, watches PBS and smokes Lucky Strikes, though less so with his asthma. He stays in touch with his Iowa roots, taking the Amtrak. His late mother’s house sits next to a horse-boarding spread on the Wapsipinicon River, with a grain mill also nearby. In 2003 I slept in his garage sofa, next to a stored Cadillac waiting his arrival by train from Denver. His hometown friends include a trucker, an antique salesman and retired coffee drinkers! I enjoyed the player piano and hundreds of tools in his buddy’s garage, cars too. Slim also visits his younger brother in North Dakota, helping him through health issues. This last spring I accompanied Slim to the annual Colorado Division of Wildlfe picnic, where he was awarded his 5 year pin, caring for the Granby rest area at the nearby Windy Gap resevoir. There we all met game wardens who enforce our hunting/fishing laws, land conservation, fire, logging and pine beetle mitigation matters. I’m grateful to have a friend who is always cheerful, active in town, well-informed and so talented, creative with life.


2 thoughts on “Meet Slim, the Spirit of 76

  1. I am friend of Slim’s from his Iowa days and produced Children’s TV Pilot starring Slim in the 1960’s. It’s great to see he is still in the Granby area.

  2. Roger – I’d love to see that TV Pilot starring my uncle Bud! He was always an enormously fun and interesting guy – from his jute box to old cars to the adventures that took him far from Olin, Iowa!

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