My father Percy O. Daley, Jr. in Belfast, Maine Oct. 2011

My father Percy O. Daley, Jr. in Belfast, Maine   Oct. 2011

He is now in rehab-hospital-rehab, with dementia, congestive heart failure, breathing issues, fluid in the lungs, nearing the end at 89 years. His story is son of a tool distributor, musician, Harvard 1946, following 2 years in the 10th Armored Div. US Army as a radio operator vs Nazis; Dad, husband, Social Security Admin. claims rep., Nashoba Vo-Tech HS committee 1969, CYO girl’s softball, civil rights activist, dog owner, choir singer, soup kitchen, recycler, and community politician. He made travels to Europe, the Canadian Maritimes and Colorado-Utah-Arizona, also Hawaii business trip. New Yorker, Bay State and Mainer. That’s my Dad.


2 thoughts on “My father Percy O. Daley, Jr. in Belfast, Maine Oct. 2011

  1. I am sorry to hear about your father. Your grandfather was my step-grandfather who was married to my father’s mother, Dorothy (Jackson/Bastille). I knew your father, though not well, because of the house in Belfast. I spent about 2 weeks there every summer as a child. Some of my fondest memories originated there or at the beach below. Percy (your Dad) was a very gracious host when we visited in the 1980s.
    Although my response is nearly a year late, I hope your father is finally at rest. We remember him as a broad minded, loving man who willed be missed.
    Bill Bastille

  2. I was doing some research on Edith Sumner Sloan Griscom and found out that Edith Rapello Griscom married a Percy O. Daley. I have a picture of Edith, Andrew and Joan when they were children. If I have the correct family, I would appreciate hearing from you.

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