Anybody out the…

Anybody out there like the desert as I do?  Endless clear horizons, dry blue skies, incredible colorful  rocky ramparts and mountain ranges typify our American Southwest vastness.   The Mojave, Chihuahuan, Great Basin and Colorado Plateau each have their own character of plants, animals, birds and geology.   Such places as the Ivanpah mountains, the Chisos Basin, Death Valley, Waterpocket Fold, The Wave, Needles District, Grand Staircase-Escalante, Tonto Basin, Snake Range, Baker Creek and  San Juan Goosenecks offer real solitude. Count the stars and major constellations; wake up to cactus, wildflowers and camp coffee amidst the quiet landscape. Look for orioles, flycatchers and the phainopepla!  Get away from the snowy Colorado resorts where there’s no cover charge, just a mild spring break in the red rock country. Or find autumn gold cottonwoods along a Utah canyon arroyo.  From Barstow to Moab; Tonopah to Globe-the desert awaits those with water, hiking boots and an eye for barren life where our earth reveals its raw rock layers of the ages-revealing an eternity before and after our existance.


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